What We Offer


Laser Focus 90-minute Strategic Session

The Laser Focus 90-minute Strategic Session is for the Entrepreneur, Executive, and Founder who would  needs a quick hit of strategic focus. Anyone can simply set a date and chat with Dr. Theresa. You can do this once, twice or as many time as you would like. There is no long term commitment but a HUGE reward for you and your company.

Please click on the Chat button above, set a date and pay. It is that simple....


Strategic Blueprint Audit

The Strategic Blueprint Audit is an advantageous assessment of the organization's Strategic Plan by a panel of experts. We assess the organization's strategic plan for optimization. We then provide a report with practical annotations, key areas for further inquiry & clarification, and suggested ways for successfully implementing the strategy.

The Strategic Blueprint Audit is a low-cost high-impact audit for Entrepreneurs, Founders, Investors, and Executives to gain immediate insights through a comprehensive review from a consortium of professionals.

The comprehensive report will address many of the areas indicated in the model with our findings and opinions for better alignment of the strategy with the organizations mission and vision. 

We review the following areas based on information provided for each section in the model.


I-IMPACT One-On-One Advisement Offering

The I-IMPACT Advisement Program is a focused one-on-one business improvement system that fast-tracks elements of People, Process, Profits, and Productivity in organizations with the aim of aligning identified strategic and project initiatives with growth expectations. This cutting-edge program is made up of 6-component areas and designed to strengthen the business across continuum. 

I-FRAMEWORK: The IMPLEMENTATION FRAMEWORK forms the foundation of the entire program. Focuses on enabling strategy implementation across the entire organization.

INSIGHT: The INSIGHT component focuses on the state of the organization, the essence of the culture, and the motivation of the people.

MAXIMIZATION: The MAXIMIZATION component maps operational efficiencies and alternatives that would yield the highest level of outcomes.

PRECISION: The PRECISION component seeks to understand and create systems for effective    optimization of existing business processes: Performance Boosting.

ACCELERATION: The ACCELERATION component seeks to optimize operational and project timelines, deadlines, and strong commitment and collaborations.

CAPACITY: The CAPACITY component focuses on building your organization's operational capacities.

TALENT: The TALENT component aims to improve operational effectiveness by focusing on existing talent and talent required for the future state of the organization: Increase talent capacity/


Strategic Implementation Consulting

Our Consulting Services focuses on your "Growth Imperative," on your required outcomes across the entire organizations interconnected ecosystem, and overall value-creation through a well-structured inquiry and formation process.

The I-IMPACT Framework aims to align identified strategic initiative to gain a competitive advantage. We collaborate with you to ensure value creation through People, Process, Profits & Productivity all while working together to give you Peace of Mind

The Framework is a collaborative process, we will tailor to suit your organization's unique business model, culture, competencies and industry. The resulting customized model provides the structure to stay focused on the strategic imperatives. The I-IMPACT Framework translates the strategy into action and engages both leadership and staff around a shared vision for the future.

The I-IMPACT Strategic Consulting Framework is our highest-level program for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Founders and Investors allowing you to prioritize and execute on strategic initiatives that will deliver tangible and sustainable outcomes. It is a framework that assists you in setting priorities, aligning resources and executing.