Welcome to Strategic Implementation Solutions

     Implementing your organizational strategy can be difficult and a time consuming process as you work across the entire ecosystem of your organization. At Strategic Implementation Solutions we are well versed at the required integration of People, Process, Profit, & Productivity all while working together to give you Peace of mind.

     One factor which separates us from other strategy integration companies is our methodology. Yet, we are versatile enough to change our approach based on our clients' needs, the organizational culture, and the industry.



We help our clients increase value through an integrated approach to strategy execution ensuring the company is focused on People, Process, Profit, & Productivity.

Meet Dr. Theresa M. Ashby


Dr. Theresa Ashby is known as a Stratologist. She is recognized as a savvy, provocative and genuine individual and is widely respected for her business acumen. Theresa is a national business and success consultant, advisor, speaker, and author who is passionate about driving businesses forward, as this is the only thing she believes helps grow the economy on all levels.

Her ability to lead and develop people and to unite teams around a common vision has been paramount to her success throughout her career. Theresa impacts organizations through delivery of groundbreaking operational implementation strategies, processes, and advisement. Her background includes thirty years of experience in a variety of leadership roles, managing a $50 million budget, overseeing $1.7 billion of capital improvements, running hundreds of team at one time, implementing operational strategies, and serving as VP of operations for a leading healthcare organization.

She currently is the CEO of Strategic Implementation Solutions, COO of Kaleidoscope Media Services, Past-President of the National Association of Women Business Owners-Orange County, holds a seat on a corporate board, is an Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University, and enjoys traveling the world.